2016 K√ĄSIADE - 2x silver and 1x bronze
Every two years, the Verband der Käserei- und Molkereifachleute (Association of Cheesemakers and Dairy Professionals) organises the International Käsiade, a contest for specialists from Austria and abroad.

The Käsiade has for years served as a meeting point for cheese professionals and a platform for international cheese culture. The cheese is rated by an international panel of judges, who pay particular attention to the flavour and texture of the products.

SILVER for Schärdinger Kärntner Rahmlaib and Schärdinger St. Patron

Kärntner Rahmlaib / Kärntner cheese wheel
Rahmlaib from Schärdinger is manufactured according to old Carinthian recipes. The texture is firm, soft and smooth and it has a yellow-gold colour. Red culture ripening gives it its slightly tangy to piquant and spicy flavour.

St. Patron, which has an edible natural rind, is carefully treated with red cultures twice a week for six weeks. This gives the cheese speciality a mild but distinctive flavour. Then the cheese ripens in a specially designed maturing cellar, where it obtains its characteristic, milk mould covered white surface.

BRONZE for Schärdinger Dachsteiner

Schärdinger Dachsteiner also won the bronze award. Red cultures give the cheese its piquant taste and reddish-brown natural rind. Dachsteiner has a soft and creamy consistency and a strong and piquant flavour.

These awards confirm the outstanding quality of our cheese specialities that is appreciated by our customers in Austria and abroad, said Gerald Kotzauer, Sales and Marketing Director.

This would not be possible without our dairy farmers, who supply us with the best quality raw milk. The high proportion of green fodder in the rations and the use of exclusively European, GMO-free feed, as well as additional conditions for the health and well-being of animals, confirm that our quality strategy is effective, said Managing Director Josef Braunshofer.