Schärdinger Käse Produkte

Life tastes good with Schärdinger

With the Schärdinger brands and products, you can bring the taste of Austria home. Delicious milk, creamy butter, cheeses from mild to strong and fruity temptations - Schärdinger offers you a variety of options.

The world of Schärdinger

Milk and yoghurts from GMO-free mountain farmer's milk: With Berghof products, you can enjoy as in the past. My line products are suitable for our customers who rely on light nutrition. Pure and without artificial additives, you can achieve a varied and balanced diet that is simply good for you! Schärdinger Affineur - that is cheese culture at its best. With the 15 different types of cheese you can meet every taste. Get to know the wide variety of Schärdinger and enjoy life.

In order to underpin the transparency of our supply chains, dear customers and interested parties, you have the opportunity to get to know the world of Schärdinger better during one of our factory tours. Find out more about the milk route - from the meadow to you in the fridge. Whether milk, butter or cheese: with Schärdinger you always make a good choice. We guarantee the best taste right up to your home. From then on you are responsible. If you need some inspiration, get to know the Schärdinger recipes. With our step-by-step instructions everyone can become a cook. If the kitchen stays cold, we will give you tips for the best taste with our gourmet guide - without any culinary skills. Find the right beer or the perfect wine to accompany Schärdinger cheeses.

What makes our dairy products so special

We owe the high quality to our farmers and their happy cows. The award-winning taste is the result of our employees' years of experience.

We can proudly say that we are manufacturers of the most popular dairy products in Austria. To ensure that this continues to be the case in the future, we maintain long-term partnerships with over 10,000 Schärdinger farmers, and ensure that our dairy cows are treated fairly and appropriately. Get to know the large selection of Schärdinger dairy products and find your new favorite on the cooling shelf!

Dairy products from Austria for Austria

It is important to us that the animals are well on their farms. For this reason, we carry out regular and unannounced checks that go beyond the legal framework. We believe that happy cows give better milk. Schärdinger's milk products benefit from this - and ultimately our customers do so, too.

100% of the production, transport and processing of our milk take place in Austria. This is how we guarantee the constant and fresh quality of our milk products in our 9 plants all over the country. So that people in Austria can continue to rely on the unique taste of our products.

Mozarella Teller Schärdinger

In the beginning was the tea butter

Dedicated farmers in Schärding found the "Erste Österreichische Zentrale Theebutter Verkaufsgenossenschaft" to collect the butter they have produced themselves and to use them together. This is how the foundation stone is laid for the legendary Schärdinger butter quality and at the same time for the fact that butter is affordable for everyone these days.

Since the production of "Theebutter" started in 1900, the English royal court has been supplied with butter from Schärdinger. Even today, our tea butter tastes incomparably delicious and is produced using the traditional process.The first-class butter from Schärdinger guarantees the best taste in your dishes, with pastries or directly on bread.

Milk from Schärdinger

We at Schärdinger are particularly proud of our milk: it is the basic ingredient of all our milk products and therefore the most important ingredient. In its liquid form, milk is naturally there for people to drink. But Schärdinger milk doesn't just taste in its liquid form. At Schärdinger, we produce delicious things from milk and its ingredients in many different ways. At Schärdinger, for example, we have a large selection of products for cooking and baking that are used in the kitchen.

Milch und Co. von Schärdinger

Cheese from Schärdinger

Too much cheese? There is not! We, too, are convinced that the range of Schärdinger cheeses is growing. We now have over sixty different cheeses in our range. Every one of them is produced by us with full dedication and in compliance with strict quality controls.

Our cheese tastes excellent. It is not for nothing that our cheeses are regularly awarded. Our diverse range of cheeses not only tastes good to us, but also to our customers. Our cheese offers a varied selection and versatile taste for everyone in Austria. Convince yourself of the taste and quality: try our wide range of cheeses, because there is not too much cheese.

Rahmemmentaler und Alpenkaiser Schärdinger

Fruity temptations from Schärdinger

Schärdinger offers wonderfully fruity temptations that make you rave. High-quality ingredients in harmony with fresh-fruity taste define enjoyment that only Schärdinger knows. From milk drinks to yoghurts and dessert puddings, Schärdinger offers connoisseurs products to fall in love with. Our yoghurt with fruit is not just a snack that invites you to enjoy and wander around. Our Schärdinger fruit yoghurt is also the perfect basis for delicious recipes. Discover completely new flavors in your kitchen with our fruit yoghurts. Give your breakfast a fruity kick: porridge with fruity notes or a refreshing milkshake. With Schärdinger fruit yoghurt you can get creative and conjure up fabulous treats for your next invitation to brunch.

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